Key Dates & Information


Monday 4th September 2017

Managers ID Cards Collection Evening 1, 66 Cheam Road, East Ewell, KT17 1QD, 7 - 9pm


*Tuesday 5th September 2017

Managers ID Cards Collection Evening 2, 66 Cheam Road, East Ewell, KT17 1QD, 7 - 9pm

*If ID Cards are not collected by 9pm on Tuesday 5th September, there will be NO further opportunity to do so before the first round of fixtures over the weekend of 9th / 10th September.


Saturday 9th September 2017  /  Sunday 10th September 2017

Start of 2017/18 Season for All Leagues


Tuesday 10th October 2017

Colts Managers Meeting 1 - Epsom Golf Club, Longdown Lane South, Epsom, KT17 4JR, 8pm - *Please note smart dress required due to the etiquette code of the golf club*


Monday 27th November 2017

Colts Managers Meeting 2


Monday 19th February 2018

Colts Managers Meeting 3


Monday 16th April 2018

Colts Managers Meeting 4


*Saturday 19th May 2018

Epsom & Ewell Colts Presentation & Fun Day

*Attendance is COMPULSORY for all Colts teams.  Please do NOT book into any summer tournaments on this date.


Monday 4th June 2018

Epsom & Ewell Colts Annual General Meeting




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11:30amU11 Girls Vs Guildford Saints Sapphires
9:45amU8 Golds Vs Horsley Youth Hunters (Cup)
11:30amU15 Girls Vs Richmond Park Thunder
10amU8 Hoops Vs South Park Jets (Cup)
2pmU14 Girls Vs Walton Casuals Juniors Jewels
10:45amU8 Blues Vs Cobham Youth (Cup)
11amU8 Whites Vs Epsom & Ewell Colts Yellows (Cup)
11amU8 Yellows Vs Epsom & Ewell Colts Whites (Cup)
11:30amU8 Greens Vs Merstham Youth Eagles
10amU10 (Sunday) Vs Claygate Royals Foleys
12amU8 Golds Vs Whyteleafe Warriors
10amU13 Hoops Girls Vs Milford Pumas Blues
9:30amU8 Yellows Vs Merstham Youth Eagles
10amU13 Whites Girls Vs Haslemere Town (Cup)
10amU8 Whites Vs BB Soccer Sharks
10amU9 Girls Vs Kew Park Rangers
10:30amU8 Greens Vs BB Soccer Cobras
10amU14 Girls Vs AFC Wimbledon (Cup)
11amU8 Blues Vs South Park Jets
11amU8 (Sunday) Vs Moormead Vipers
12pmU8 Hoops Vs Old Coulsdon Colts Blazers
11:15amU10 Hoops Girls Vs Sutton United Juniors
11:30amU12 Girls Vs Metropolitan Police Girls Blues
11:30amU11 Girls Vs AFC Wimbledon
12:15pmU10 Whites Girls Vs Rocks Lane
1pmU15 Girls Vs Richmond Park Thunder (Cup)
12amU12 Blues Vs Halliford Colts
12amU8 Blues Vs Leatherhead Youth Colts
9:15amU8 Girls Vs U8 Festival @ Walton Casuals
12amU8 Whites Vs Redhill Youth Chargers
10amU10 (Sunday) Vs Ascot Youth
12amU8 Hoops Vs AFC Kingston Youth Reds
10amU13 Hoops Girls Vs Milford Pumas Blacks
12amU8 Golds Vs Epsom & Ewell Colts Greens
10amU8 (Sunday) Vs Rocks Lane United
12amU8 Yellows Vs BB Soccer Rhinos
10amU15 Girls Vs Ruts Youth
12amU8 Greens Vs Epsom & Ewell Colts Golds
10amU10 Whites Girls Vs Goldsworth Park Rangers Emeralds
10:15amU12 Whites Vs Reigate Youth Raiders (Cup)
10:15amU14 Girls Vs Cobham Village Club Girls
11:30amU9 Girls Vs Walton Casuals Juniors Cobras
11:30amU11 Girls Vs Meadow Sports
11:30amU10 Hoops Girls Vs Kempton Girls
11:45amU16 Whites Vs Epsom Athletic Falcons
12:30pmU12 Girls Vs Ascot United Sapphires
12amU8 (Sunday) Vs Wandgas Youth
12amU8 Blues Vs Dundonald United
9:30amU8 Girls Vs Metropolitan Police Girls
12amU8 Whites Vs Key Sports Knights
10amU12 Girls Vs Alton
12amU8 Hoops Vs Caterham Pumas Colts
10amU12 Whites Vs Windlesham United Eagles (County Cup)
12amU8 Golds Vs Hook Youth Blues
12amU8 Yellows Vs Bookham Colts Strikers
10amU13 Hoops Girls Vs Milford Pumas Blues
12amU8 Greens Vs Whyteleafe Warriors
10amU11 Girls Vs Crystal Palace Ladies Reds
10amU10 Whites Girls Vs Barnes Eagles
10:30amU9 Girls Vs Sutton United Juniors
11amU10 (Sunday) Vs Esher Wizards Whites
11amU10 Greens (Sunday) Vs Carshalton Athletic Blues
11:45amU14 Girls Vs Halliford Colts
12pmU15 Girls Vs Claygate Royals Hawks
1pmU13 Whites Girls Vs AFC Wimbledon Yellows
12amU15 Girls Vs Guildford Saints
12amU8 Blues Vs Nork Park Rangers Colts
12amU10 Hoops Girls Vs Motspur Park
12amU8 Whites Vs Nutfield Youth
12amU10 (Sunday) Vs Hampton & Richmond Youth Bucks
12amU8 Hoops Vs Reigate Youth Thunderbolts
12amU9 Girls Vs Meadow Sports
12amU8 Golds Vs Horsley Youth Vipers
12amU11 Girls Vs Milford Pumas Belles
12amU8 Yellows Vs Nork Park Rangers Athletic
12amU8 (Sunday) Vs League Festival @ FC Sunbury
12amU8 Greens Vs Hook Youth Blues
12amU12 Whites Vs Reigate Youth Raiders
12amU16 Whites Vs Merstham Youth Marauders
12amU13 Whites Girls Vs AFC Wimbledon
12amU12 Girls Vs Molesey Juniors (County Cup)
12amU13 Hoops Girls Vs Barnes Eagles (County Cup)
12amU10 Whites Girls Vs Walton Casuals Juniors Vipers
12amU10 Greens (Sunday) Vs Corinthian Casuals Blues
12amU14 Girls Vs Caterham Pumas

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