Junior & Youth Teams

Ben Mitchell / U9 Blues Manager

Justin Costello / U9 Whites Manager

Alan Jackson / U9 Hoops Managers

Chris Brown / U10 Blues Manager

Joel Wiles / U10 Hoops Manager

James Osborne / U10 Whites Manager

Vicknesh Anandakumar / U10 Yellows Managers

James Faulkner & James King / U10 Golds Managers

Chris Wilkes / U10 Greens Manager

Paul Ventris / U11 Blues Manager

Andy Syradd / U11 Golds & Youth Manager

Gavin Barnes / U11 Greens Manager

Steve Readett / U11 Royals Manager

Shoib Khan / U11 Hoops Manager

Julian Clogg / U11 Yellows Manager

Gero Bertolone / U11 Whites Manager

Vince Cooper / U12 Blues Manager

Nick Williams / U12 Whites Manager

Grant Harrison / U12 Greens Manager

Brian Crockford / U12 Royals (Saturday)

Will Eames / U12 Yellows Manager

Matt Edwards / U12 Royals (Sunday) Manager

E: [email protected]

Steve Dunn / U12 Youth Manager

Joel Wiles / U12 Golds Manager

Charlie Sully / U13 Blues Manager

Nick Williams / U13 Hoops (Sunday) Manager

Frank Callaghan / U13 Whites Manager

Gary Howlett / U14 Youth Manager

Steve Miller / U14 Blues Manager

Paul Hartford / U14 Royals Manager

Chris Knight / U14 Hoops Manager

Jon Rolls / U14 Whites Managers

Frank Callaghan / U14 Hoops Manager

Wayne Howard / U15 Royals Manager

Steve Howard / U15 Whites Manager

Anthony Mollet / U16 Blues Manager

Matt Edwards / U18 Blues Manager

E: [email protected]

Paul Maylon / Vets Manager

Girls Teams

Will Cooper / U9 Blues Girls Manager

Will Cooper / U10 Whites Girls Manager

Will Cooper / U10 Hoops Girls Manager

Barry Corder / U10 Whites Girls Manager

Tom Wells / U10 Hoops Girls Manager

Jay Knight / U11 Whites Girls Manager

Nicola Brown / U11 Hoops Girls Manager

Stevie Phillips / U12 Girls Manager

Phil Wells / U13 Whites Girls Manager

Clem Rogerson / U13 Hoops Girls Manager

Mark Grant / U14 Hoops Girls Manager

Will Cooper / U14 Whites Girls Manager

Craig Hayman / U15 Girls Manager

Errol McGlothan / U16 Girls Manager

Sean Stephen / U18 Girls Manager

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